Our Coffee

Monsoon Estates is a traditional craft coffee roastery based near Stratford upon Avon, hand roasting small batches of coffee in a relentless quest to find the perfect cup of coffee. "We know it's not possible of course, but it's a journey of discovery and we're always getting closer"

Its a bit crazy I know, but a coffee machine in an ice cream van? well, whats better than an ice cream? a delicious latte mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Latte!!


I thought when we are at events, before people start having ice creams, feed them coffee :-) and what better way, but to have a local roasters supply us, again, we are helping local companies, because i once saw a sign that said, "buy from a local company and you help pay for my children new shoes, horse riding lessons, swimming lessons, keep it local, keep the local economy afloat"